Yoho, British Columbia on the map. National Park Yoho (province British Columbia) on the map of Canada

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Yoho, British Columbia on the map. National Park Yoho  (province British Columbia) on the map of Canada

Yoho, British Columbia


Established: 1886   Acreage: 324,480


'Yoho' is a Cree word expressing awe, and visitors today find the name fitting when they enter Yoho National Park in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It is an imposing place of lofty peaks, dense forests, glacial lakes and alpine meadows ablaze with wildflowers in the summer.


Hundreds of years ago, Indian tribes established temporary campsites in the park's valleys. Later, in the nineteenth century, the search for the best transportation route through the Rocky Mountain barrier brought the first white men to the area. In 1858 Sir James Hector discovered Kicking Horse Pass, naming it after being kicked and nearly killed by his horse on the site. The Canadian Pacific Railway laid track through the pass in 1884, and since that time the area has been accessible to all.


The mountains that were the curse of railway workers are responsible for the park's many waterfalls, including one of Canada's highest (833 feet) Takakkaw Falls. The green, translucent waters of Emerald Lake and unique geologic features such as the Hoodoos and the natural rock bridge spanning the Kicking Horse River, offer fine subjects for photographers. The Spiral Tunnels on the Big Hill illustrate the danger and excitement of building a railway across the steep west side of the Continental Divide.


Yoho offers many recreational activities. In summer, visitors to the park can camp, hike, swim, backpack, fish and go boating. Winter fun includes cross country skiing and snowshoeing.


Above right: During the summer, the osprey can be spotted soaring above the lakes of Yoho National Park.

Right: Sparkling alpine lakes are nestled high among the rocky peaks of the Continental Divide.

Facing page, top: With its snowcapped mountain peaks, deep silent forests and brilliant turquoise lakes, it is no wonder that Yoho got its name from a Cree word expressing awe.

Far right: The mountain goat makes its home in Yohds craggy peaks and steep rock faces.

Yoho, British Columbia on the map. National Park Yoho  (province British Columbia) on the map of Canada